Which wrinkle cream should a 30-year-old choose?


Which wrinkle cream should a 30-year-old choose?We asked experts what to look for when buying! You are 30 years old and you are feverishly wondering which anti-wrinkle cream you should put in your makeup? Contrary to appearance, it is not such an easy task at a time when pharmacy shelves are bent under hundreds of products. Inspired by one of the topics on the forum Wizaz.pl, we decided to make it easier for you and ask for the help of experts 🙂 Care anti-aging after 30 years

Although it is said that anti-aging care is never too early (Koreanki pay attention to it in early youth), many women begin to think about it only at the moment of crossing the “magic” thirty years. We start looking at our faces and analyzing every wrinkle (have they been here before?!), and the imagination begins to work. If just like Bridget Jones, you’re afraid your face will crumble to you like in a special effects movie, we recommend taking a deep breath and taking action – it’s time to take a closer look at your daily skin care.

30-particles-this is an age when the skin may experience the first symptoms of estrogen reduction. These are hormones responsible, in particular, for the production of collagen fibers responsible for the structure and, consequently, the quality of our skin. That’s why around this period we can observe the first fine lines, and after a night of pronounced bruises disappear after about 30 minutes from the dictionary from the bed. During this period of life, we also begin to face additional problems, such as the first dilated capillaries or rosacea. Those of us who like to sunbathe often reach features and spots. Yes, indeed, to all these questions we have worked for years, says beautician Anna Adamovich, Beauty Institute Adamovich.

What ingredients should be in the anti-wrinkle cream 30+?

What ingredients should be in the anti-wrinkle cream 30+?Going shopping, let’s remember that the numbers on the packaging of the cream is not something excessive. This is just a hint from the manufacturer, but the cosmetic product must first meet the individual needs of our skin, not the number of candles blown on the last birthday cake. Active components are taken into account – they should be paid special attention. As the cosmetologist Anna Adamovich says, the key issue is the problems we face. – For example, if you observe that the skin often turns red, has a grayish or uneven color, look for products containing vitamin C. you will strengthen in this way, the vessels and returns the skin a radiant look. It is also a necessary component for the synthesis of collagen fibers, that is, as a consequence, rejuvenates. I recommend the choice of drugs containing retinil in its composition of the skin, it is a long-lasting form of vitamin C, than the standard given acid, vitamin C – in the composition is described as ascorbic acid. Deciding to buy a cream with vitamin C, we also Choose packages with a pump or ampoule to limit the access of air that can oxidize it, the expert adds.

Your problem is enlarged pores and reduced skin elasticity? Search for creams with retinol. – This component has a proven clinical effect stimulating the production of collagen fibers. It is also responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin. If you decide on treatments using retinol or the use of professional cosmetics, planujmy them for the fall because they show an irritating effect, which in turn can lead to informing the skin of UV rays, – says Anna Adamovich.

Regardless of the indicators, we should not forget about moisturizing-and where moisturizing, there is hyaluronic acid. – A component that can not miss in the cream after 30 years of life, hyaluronic acid is perfectly moisturized and will not allow dehydration of our skin. Due to the fact that it retains the necessary amount of water in the skin without drying and less prone to wrinkles, the so-called mimic or expressive – says Bartosz Vo, dermatologist from Medevac Clinic Vo. According to our experts, other components that are worth paying attention to: vitamin E – moisturizes and regenerates the skin, works as an antioxidant

caffeine – stimulates microcirculation in the skin Shea butter-restores and moisturizes the skin deeply and for a long time. coenzyme Q10 and L-arginine – activate cell energy, increases the skin’s resistance to wrinkles and prevents premature aging. Below is a decent team, creams and serums based on the above ingredients:

Pay attention to the sun

Pay attention to the sunOur experts agree that after the 30s protection from the sun is also extremely important. It is worth remembering that the minimum filter SPF 30 – protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, preventing the formation of new wrinkles. – Remember to lubricate the skin every 1.5 hours, because after this time ends the protective effect of most creams with filters. Therefore, it is necessary in addition to creams on Sunny days to take a wide-brimmed hat, which will further protect the face from the sun, – suggests Anna Adamovich.

If you are wondering which sunscreen you should choose or have doubts about the methods of using this type of products, visit the forum Wizaz.pl ahhh! In a separate stream, users share their experiences and recommend specific cosmetics-it is worth a look in search of inspiration 🙂 You use creams…? What are your favorite?



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