The beneficial properties of mint for men


The beneficial properties of mint for menTherefore, today’s researchers believe that the plant of green with the well-known flavor may have both beneficial and negative properties on the health of the representatives of the strong sex. Let’s start with the silver lining.

Mint contains many substances beneficial for the human body: the tannins, the fitoncidi, many vitamins, trace elements, all together, to promote a significant impact on the improvement of the functioning of the entire body. These are the health effects on some systems of the body:

Stomach. Mint can improve appetite, normalize acid balance, help fight nausea, prevent vomiting, promote good digestion.

The nervous system. Mint herbal tea can promote the calming effect, which is needed especially during high stress, removes the sense of concern, tones the body and mind without causing drowsiness. So after a cup of this tea comes the desire to work with the new influx of energy that was missing.

The general effect of mint. This plant has an important anti-inflammatory effect, is a strong antioxidant substance and has a significant impact on the immune system.

As far as male power is concerned, it needs mint. Thanks to the detailed studies carried out for the purpose of determining the effect of the mint on the erectile function, the researchers obtained the following results: mint tea can improve the functioning of the male body in general and, in particular, the reproductive system. It has been scientifically proven that Mint promotes an exciting effect for strong sex representatives. However, researchers admit that excessive intake of this plant could cause some problems later. If the mint tea is rather concentrated and its consumption exceeds more than 2 cups a day, man could cause trouble to his male health. This significant impact is determined by the fact that the mint of high concentration is able to decrease the level of testosterone, the male hormone, of considerable importance. This influence is obviously negative to male erectile function and to the functioning of the organism in general. In addition, the mint contains female hormones, phytoestrogens. This factor is definitive for the body of the representatives of the stronger sex: the forms change, the secondary sexual characters lose their masculinity, the hair growth slows down. At the same time there is an opinion that the properties that promote Mint are able to make sperm less active. This significant effect, however, does not have to do with male power and bed skills, but, exaggerating with mint, men risk not becoming fathers in the future.

Those who want to promote the positive effect of mint on health should not exaggerate with this plant. Just drink 2 cups of mint tea to feel active and ready to have intimate relationships at any time convenient.

Rightly consumed Mint is very healthy for strong sex representatives who suffer from nervousness, depression or other psychological disorders. From this point of view, the plant of intense flavor can increase male potency, provided erectile dysfunction is caused by some alteration in the nervous system. The intake of tea based on this plant can calm the state of being nervous and renew the mental balance, preventing stress situations.

How to predict the development of erectile dysfunction

How to predict the development of erectile dysfunctionThe strong sex representative who does not have problems with erectile function, seeing a beautiful woman, becomes sexually aroused. This process begins with the onset of impulses in the central nervous system, immediately after which the inflow of blood to the male reproductive organ is increased. Then the erection is generated. This is considered the all-natural process. Today, on the other hand, there is an increase in the problems of this sensitive area and the diagnosis of impotence becomes more and more topical. Be aware of the primary symptoms to predict erectile dysfunction alone.

The causes of the problem

Worsening of the male ability to feel and maintain sufficient erection could have psychological, organic or mixed origin. The inability to feel physical excitement develops more due to prolonged depression and hypochondriac mood, pathological insecurity of oneself or lack of sexual desire (libido).

Erectile dysfunction of organic origin is then classified according to the following causes::

– Vascular impotence develops due to worsening blood influence on the organs of the male genital apparatus.

On condition of harmful arteries after atherosclerosis or some serious traumas, the problem of filling the reproductive organ with blood occurs.

– Erectile dysfunction of endocrine origin due to low testosterone levels in the male organism. This type of impotence occurs mainly to the representatives of the stronger sex and older age.

– Neurogenic disorders due to certain disorders of the central nervous system or bone marrow trauma. Depending on the recent survey carried out by a team of male health specialists, this type of impotence is cured in 25 percent of cases.

– Anatomical impotence caused by curvature of the male reproductive organ, partial or total surgical removal of it or by malicious sensations during erection.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction

In predicting erectile dysfunction, strong sex representatives should feel more about their organism than they could reveal a lot in turn. The symptoms depend on the origin of this problem.The symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Under the condition of the development of organic erectile dysfunction, symptoms arise gradually. At the beginning there are mild symptoms that strong sex representatives usually underestimate and do not take into account. However, we must be aware of these problems. :

– lack of erection;

– weakening of erection;

– prolonged ejaculation;

– premature ejaculation;

– the others.

These are considered the primary symptoms of the development of erectile dysfunction. Due to a lack of consideration and appropriate treatment, the following symptoms occur::

– Lack of morning or night erection. This symptom usually means the presence of impotence of organic origin. If, on the other hand, the spontaneous erection occurs but the representative of the strong sex cannot carry out a complete coitus, it is necessary to look for the origin of the problem in the head. For example, some stress or severe psychogenic disturbances prevent you from having a regular and fulfilling intimate life, causing, moreover, significant depression.

– The premature ejaculation that leads to the dissatisfaction of both partners makes a man think of his own inability to make satisfied their woman. If erectile dysfunction has organic origin, psychogenic problems also develop that significantly worsen the present situation, making it even worse. In such a case you must turn without waiting too long to the specialist to prevent the development of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

– the other primary symptoms of this problem are the weakening of erectile function due to neurogenic disorders, hormonal imbalance or some vascular system diseases.

Effective prevention

The rules described below will help prevent the development of erectile dysfunction. Remember: prevention is the best treatment of the problem. These words work perfectly here too. What to do:Effective prevention

– Refrain from cycling. This is the problem of prolonged pressure on the nerves that go directly to the male reproductive organ.

– Refrain from alcohol abuse. The problem of overdoing alcohol leads to a significant deterioration in the functioning of blood vessels. As erection is determined by the portion of the blood that reaches the male reproductive organ at the time of sexual arousal, damaged blood vessels lead to considerable weakening of erectile function.

– Control your blood pressure to prevent your significant increase.

– Control the cholesterol level which in turn determines the sufficient formation of testosterone molecules.

– Refrain from taking drugs.

– Refrain from persistent smoking. This is the bad number 1 habit to damage very seriously the blood vessels of both women and men.

– Check the blood sugar level (especially for diabetics).

– Lose excessive weight and then control it responsibly.

– Refrain from physical inactivity, add more movement, stop following the sedentary lifestyle due to which the stagnation of blood dangerous for normal erectile function develops. Moreover, every strong sex representative should do physical exercises at least for 30 minutes daily!

– Check the quantity of the drink (alcohol, sparkling and sugary drinks) and of the food (especially the fried one, prepared with the oil, seasoned with the sauces too spicy).

– Quit smoking.

These are the basic tips thanks to which any strong sex representative will not have the problem with his / her erectile function. Moreover, the entire functioning of all the organs and internal systems of the male organism will be significantly improved. Always remember that continuous prevention, even better called a healthy lifestyle, is your chance to stay healthy and powerful as long as possible. Don’t destroy your health alone



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