Skincare routine: 10 Steps for a brighter, compact and healthy skin


10 steps in the morning and evening for amazing results. Skincare for a really regenerated skin, anti-aging and full of brightness!

Skincare routine: 10 Steps for a brighter, compact and healthy skinApril 2, 2019 – how many times have we thought about how nice it would be to wake up in the morning like the movie stars? With that rested, radiant appearance, the bright, compact, spotless skin… the secret to getting a skin like this is not only Instagram filters, but also a proper skincare, both in the morning and in the evening. And the most complete and most effective routine is the Korean skincare in 10 steps, some to be repeated every day and others to be spaced during the week. It is no coincidence that all trends in skin beauty and all the most innovative products come from Korea! Ready to find out how this works?

Broadly speaking, the Korean skincare routine consists of a double cleansing, the application of tonics and essences, masks, serums and cream. Let’s see all the steps!

Step 1: oily cleaner

The first step, to be repeated every evening but to jump in the morning, is to use a balm or oil to rub the face. Using a fat product, in fact, allows you to dissolve and remove all the makeup, for an optimal cleaning. Apply and massage until all the makeup has dissolved, then emulsify with a little water and finally rinse the face and swab with a towel.

Step 2: foam cleaner

Broadly speaking, the Korean skincare routine consists of a double cleansing, the application of tonics and essences, masks, serums and cream. Let's see all the steps!After using the oil we have to remove it and with it all the dirt and makeup that in the least part remained on the face. We can choose a foam cleaner according to our skin type: opacifying, moisturizing, anti-imperfections or alternating it according to our needs. This step can be repeated even in the morning, to eliminate the excess oiliness produced during the night or we can use a water or tonic. Mix the detergent on the hands to form the foam (but on the market there are also ready mousse), apply on the face massaging and rinsing.

Step 3: exfoliation

Exfoliation is important because it eliminates dead cells from the surface of the skin and thus contributes to cellular renewal. Depending on the type of skin and the type of product chosen, it can be used several times a week. Enzymatic exfoliants, that is without mechanical particles, can be used even every day while scrubs with grains are to be used 1 to 2 times a week. Apply on a dry face for a higher or wet exfoliation for a lighter effect, massage and rinse.

Step 4: tonic

After buffering the face comes the time of tonic, to prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. The tonic should also be chosen according to its type of skin, the effects we want to obtain or the particular needs of that period. The most used are those that are slightly exfoliating and illuminating, which help to make the skin radiant and minimize pores, but you can also choose tonics, moisturizing, nourishing, purifying or anti-aging.

Step 5: essence

It is a product that few in Italy use but can really change our skin. The essence is halfway between a tonic and a serum, we can call it a lotion rich in active ingredients and easy to absorb for the skin. It is an instant hydration boost and prepares the skin optimally for subsequent treatments. On the market they are more difficult to find, but you can buy them online safely, especially in Korean stores.

Step 6: serum

This is a product that we already know and has been part of our skincare in recent years. There are serums of all kinds and suitable for every type of skin, to be chosen according to your own problems. Those which do not contain oils are suitable for fatty, mixed-fat or acneic skin because they are not comedogenic and not heavy, therefore avoid clogging the pores and favour the appearance of pimples. For the most mature skins, on the other hand, there are the most oily and rich ones, with anti-age complexes and for normal skins, even a simple hyaluronic acid serum is ideal.

Step 7: mask

Broadly speaking, the Korean skincare routine consists of a double cleansing, the application of tonics and essences, masks, serums and cream. Let's see all the steps!The famous fabric masks that we love so much, because they are fast and not dirty, come right from Korea! It will seem strange, but they apply in this sequence, because the skin is ready to receive and absorb all the contents of the mask. It is not a step to be repeated every day in order not to risk not to overload the skin and find ourselves with an outlet for too much hydration. You can repeat every other day or once a week, just listen to your skin to see if it is necessary to apply an intensive mask or proceed to the next step. Or, if you want to take this good habit, you can apply different masks depending on the area: a day moisturizer, the following patch eyes, the next a mask for the lips, then a longer cleansing, and so on.

Step 8: Cream Around The Eyes

One step you can never miss in a self-respecting skincare routine is the Eye Contour Cream. In fact, this area is very thin, sensitive and delicate, and is the main author of a eyes off and tired, as well as the first to suffer from the signs of the time. Also for this step there is plenty of choice, including anti-age products, anti puffiness and dark circles, illuminating, nourishing, and often many of these effects are already combined into a single product.

Step 9: Face Cream

Another step to be repeated every day, morning and evening, is the application of Face Cream adapted to your needs. This is perhaps the most used step even by those who do not have a real skin routine, but the choice of which product to use is fundamental. It would be better to look for a specific cream with a good formulation, that is not too heavy in the morning to allow us to apply the makeup with ease and that is a bit more substantial in the evening. Important is also massage, from the center of the face towards the outside, to stimulate circulation and prevent skin relaxation.

Step 10: SPF cream or night mask

This step varies from day to night and can actually be optional. For the day we should rely on a SPF cream to protect the skin from exposure of sunlight because UV rays are a source of premature aging. But there are now on the market day moisturizers that already contain a SPF inside and are certainly lighter and more comfortable to use. Many fondotinta also contain it, so if you have one of these two products, you may not apply a simple sunscreen. At night, however, the SPF, which are to all effects and filters are to be avoided and, in the case of a skin is particularly tired or in need of pampering, we can use a sleeping mask, apply and leave on while we sleep. In the morning the skin will be relaxed and revitalized.

Have you tried the Korean routine? With a bit of perseverance you will start to see the first results already after a few weeks, your skin will be more toned and luminous, the effect of the “glass skin”, glass skin, smooth and soft!



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