Poria, the super fungus that deflates and protects from cholesterol


Poria, the super fungus that deflates and protects from cholesterolPoria Cocos: from Chinese medicine, here is the fungus that stimulates diuresis, reduces stress and prevents tumours.

Poria, this stranger! Yet we would do really well to take an in-depth knowledge with this fungus saprofitico: long used in chinese medicine, Poria is considered to be a powerful superfood from the numerous properties.

Scientifically known as Poria Cocos (or Wolfiporia Extensa), it is a fungus belonging to the family of Polyporaceae, growing on the roots of some species of conifers, such as Pine. If in the West is largely unknown, it rather enjoys an excellent reputation in the East: in traditional chinese medicine and in Japan it is used as a powerful remedy to treat difficulty concentrating, palpitations, anxiety and insomnia, as it contains substances able to soothe and calm the human psyche.

Also, according to scientific research, the Poria would be able to provide benefits to the kidneys and the immune system, by stimulating diuresis, preventing the calculations and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. It is, therefore, an excellent ally against bloating and water retention, as well as in the care of the gastrointestinal system.Poria, the super fungus that deflates and protects from cholesterol

But there is more: the latest experiments have demonstrated how the Poria, consisting of triterpene acids, may be able to prevent the appearance of tumors and to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The mushroom is harvested in summer and then dried in the shade; it maintains a pleasant sweet taste and a tender texture. It can be taken as a snack, but it gives the best of itself – healing and therapeutic – if taken as a supplement. Easily available online and in herbal medicine, you can choose from the version of the Poria Cocos powder, capsules or drops.

What about the contraindications? Poria – and this is particularly interesting – has very few. In fact, it can be assumed by most people in a totally safe way, and that is certainly a point in its favour. Despite this, it is still important – as to the use of any dietary supplement – consult in advance with your doctor, who will indicate the correct dosage of Poria to take in relation to their clinical picture. Particular attention should be paid to pregnant or lactating women and children: for these categories of people, the use of Poria is tendentially not recommended.

Healthy intestine, the fungus that protects the bacterial flora

It is the Shiitake the elixir of wellbeing for intestine and oral cable: here is how it works. The secret of a healthy bowel? Mushroom. Not just any one, but more precisely the Lentinus edodes better known as Shiitake.

The beneficial properties that this medicinal mushroom prodigious can promote the intestinal flora are also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Suffice it to say that in many asian countries, the cultivation of Shiitake was born before that of rice.

Healthy intestine, the fungus that protects the bacterial floraIn Japanese, the word ‘Shiitake’ literally means ‘oak mushroom’ (from the term Shii=oak and take =mushroom). Etymology, as often happens, is not the result of a mere coincidence. It is linked to the fact that in nature this fungus grows close to the Oaks, from which it would draw its strength. Since ancient times, Shiitake has also been used to treat seasonal, exanthematic and cardiovascular diseases.

More recent scientific studies have also shown its properties at the microbiological level (bacterial flora), both oral and intestinal. Regular consumption of this mushroom, in fact, improves the health of the bacteria present in the intestinal flora by supporting the functionality, to the great benefit of the whole of the gastrointestinal tract.  Its utility is confirmed also for the prevention and the maintenance of healthy gums and for disinfection of the oral cavity, because it promotes the natural balance of the microbiota oral.

In practical terms, all this means:

well-being for the intestine (and therefore for the body))

reduction of plaque

caries prevention

improving gums health

restoring the proper balance of the mucosa

The secret of these benefits is in the active substances within it. In particular, lentinan (a beta-glucan can stimulate the macrophages), T lymphocytes and Natural Killer cells, i.e. white blood cells responsible for recognizing and neutralizing harmful elements for the organism.

Its beneficial action on the oral and intestinal microbiota would be so effective that it would prefer to use some of the most common collutori on the market. It should also be remembered that these principles are also involved in strengthening other fundamental activities to maintain an optimal health status.

Specifically, this is equivalent to a general strengthening of the immune system, resulting in a slowing down of cellular ageing and related diseases.

Maitake, the fungus that fights cholesterol and high blood pressure

It is called Maitake the prodigious fungus that allows you to control your body weight, reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. It’s called Maitake the fungus that fights high blood pressure and cholesterol, also helping us to lose weight.

Known as a leafy Griffon Vulture, this fungus grows on the trunks of some broadleaves and can act directly on the metabolism of sugars and fats, reducing blood pressure. The Maitake is great as a natural supplement and is ideal for full energy without exhausting the liver.

The secret of this special fungus lies in the beta-glucans, substances that help to reduce the amount of fat found in the blood. The Maitake therefore allows to intervene on the total cholesterol, acting mainly on the LDL one, the most harmful for our well-being.

It also reduces sugar levels by activating cellular metabolism and significantly improving insulin sensitivity. Scientific studies have shown that inside the fungus there are substances that help to fight metabolic syndrome, which causes overweight, and to lower blood pressure.Maitake, the fungus that fights cholesterol and high blood pressure

The Maitake is not only good and healthy, but also perfect for keeping weight under control. Its flesh contains mineral salts, vitamins of Group B and proteins, which provide energy and improve metabolism. When we take this fungus, we purify our body from the liver and tissues that benefit greatly from Maitake. This allows us to keep weight under control and not gain weight.

How to take Maitake? The fungus is commercially available as a supplement, capsule or powder. The dosage varies depending on the situation, but it is usually recommended to take one capsule twice a day or three teaspoons. If pulverized, add to the pasta, soups or salads, or drink after dissolving it in a drink.

The Maitake is also great for preparing delicious dishes that allow you to control your blood pressure and cholesterol. You can buy them fresh or dry and use them to season pasta or rice dishes, and soups.



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