Face cleaning Do-It – Yourself: advice to do it in the right way


Face cleaning Do-It - Yourself: advice to do it in the right wayBefore marriage it is advisable to keep the skin of the face well hydrated and clean. The ideal thing is a mask: do you not have time to go to the beautician? Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to do it at home with natural products. Over time our skin accumulates dirt and impurities, which can only be eliminated by thorough cleaning, to be repeated twice or three times a year.

If you’re struggling with the preparations of your wedding day, and you finally found the wedding dress that you’ve been looking for months, we recommend that you take care of the skin by careful cleaning of the face, a good remedy to have a healthy skin and young to prepare the bridal makeup for the big day. Whether you want a natural bride trick or one with the most vivid hues the thing to do first is to perform a deep cleansing of the face that allows an easy application of cosmetics, today we explain how to do.

Natural handmade remedies for a healthier skin

Natural handmade remedies for a healthier skinYou have two options to choose from to make a cleaning of the face; go to a beauty center where a professional will perform the treatment with specific products, or carry out the same procedure in the form of handmade and natural products without leaving your home. You want to know how? Be very careful with these simple steps to get a perfect skin on the wedding day; First of all, make sure you have a clean skin, so without makeup on your face that can prevent your skin from purifying properly. After that, wash your face with the product you usually use; cleansing milk, gel, soap…

Then moisten a towel with hot water and put it on your face. Try to put yourself in a comfortable position, as you will have to stay there for a while, and relax. This step is used to relax the skin and start opening the pores that you will later clean. Keep the towel 5 or 10 minutes on your face. At this point, you can use a cleansing mask prepared with a large spoon of rice flour and some whole milk. Let the cream stand for about 15 to 20 minutes on the skin and remove it with a sponge wet with warm or warm water.

Purge pores in four simple steps

Boil some water in a pot and when the water starts to boil put your face on the container, without burning, covering the head with a towel to create the Turkish bath effect. Sometimes you have to take a break because of the heat, but it’ll be worth it. Your pores will open completely and the next steps will be easier to carry out. Now, you can clean your pores that usually focus mainly on the forehead, chin and nose. With the help of a handkerchief push slightly so that impurities and dirt come out of the pores and remove it well, otherwise it could infect the affected area.

After, you will need to apply a homemade tonic to give softness and brightness to your face. Mix well in a glass of milk and a big spoon of extra virgin olive oil. With absorbent cotton wet with tonic, start tapping all over your face, especially in areas that are more sensitive or flushed.

Purge pores in four simple steps

To conclude, you only need to apply a nourishing serum, and revitalizing, you can find them in specialized shops where they sell natural products for different skin type, and apply the usual moisturizer.

And voilà! Your skin is ready for the big day! We recommend that you implement this treatment in advance, at least a couple of weeks before the wedding, so the skin has had time to rest. A shining and bright epidermis will be the ideal base on which to elaborate a wonderful make up! Remember that a good combination between the shades that fit best to the skin color and an elegant hairstyle, the bride will make your look unique and inimitable in the most important day of your life. Are you ready?



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