Benefits of clay for skin


Benefits of clay for skinDermatological treatments, when conducted by dermatologists only, are usually performed with cosmetic products far above the price that many people can afford, and this has increased the use of natural and cheaper products. Then know the benefits of clay for the skin. Clay, mineral material, is a great alternative to expensive skin treatments and can be used as both curative and preventive in a variety of ways, such as preventing wrinkles and lines of expression, treating superficial patches, controlling oily, cleaning pores and skinning.

When you choose to use natural products to treat and take care of the skin and impurities and different skin types such as oily to mixed and dried, it is important that you always make an analysis of the needs that your skin has before you choose the type of clay that you will need to apply to meet them.

Learn about the benefits of clay for the skin

The benefits of clay for the skin are large because there are several types of clay that can be used depending on the needs of the skin in which it will be applied as a treatment, and each type has its advantages and properties, learn about some of them:

Green clay

This type of Clay has a wide variety of elements and is indicated in most cases for fur that are oily and need a greater control of this characteristic, such as fur that presents the most occurrence of acne and impurities. It has the action of toning the skin, also fighting edemas in addition to being astringent and secative, eliminating and preventing bacteria and facilitating healing, being also analgesic.

White clay

The benefits of clay for dry skin can be found in the white clay, which is ideal for use on dry skins and who don’t have a hydration that lasts, since it contains a lot of aluminum in its composition, and a PH that is very similar to the PH of our skin. These characteristics in particular make the White Clay have advantages in the hydration processes, whitening areas with skin stains, and also assists in the healing processes (as in the treatment of striations).

Learn about the benefits of clay for the skin

Black clay

The most noble clay of all, the black clay, is also known as volcanic mud and can be found by this name, has in its main uses the detox processes of the skin-mainly of the more oily skins. In addition, black clay can also act as a product that assists in inflammatory processes as well as avoid them, and anti-stress, relaxing the skin and promoting better hydration of the skin.

Pink clay

The pink clay consists of a combination of white clay and red clay, being softer and recommended for use in furs that are more sensitive, also containing healing and relaxing actions for the skin.

Grey clay

For its properties of clearing and smoothing skin patches, the grey clay is recommended for fur containing them and also containing a higher amount of oil. It can also be used in the fight against acne, thorns, carnations and any kind of impurity, such as a scrub. In addition to having high levels of titanium, gray clay can be used as an antioxidant of nature that delays the action of free radicals and promotes skin rejuvenation. Find the right type for your skin and enjoy the benefits of clay for your skin, you can do treatments and use each one weekly depending on your needs, your skin type and which one suits you best. It is also important to consult a dermatologist if you have any greater questions about your skin, as only a professional can correctly diagnose and treat some disease.

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