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Your skin is in perfect shape. That doesn't mean there's not much you can do for her now. On the contrary, how you perceive it now depends on how it will look in 10, 20, 30 years. So if you want to keep your youth longer, you have to remember a few rules of care.Avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning. Take care first of all about proper hydration of the skin - at this age it is best light moisturizer for the face. Also, do not forget about the skin of the whole body, use moisturizing lotions and gentle shower gels.If when you were a teenager, you used aggressive cosmetics against acne (for example, containing sulfur or alcohol), it's time to give them up. Remember about the careful removal of makeup every evening-it's a habit that is worth developing in yourself, invites in the future.And change habits related to face and hand washing. Ordinary soap dries the skin, instead wash, select the cube that contains moisturizing cream or essential oil.