6 Tips To Be Fat Healthy


 6 Tips To Be Fat HealthyThe Body Is Too Skinny. Follow the 6 Tips Below To Fat Healthy, Yuk!

Add a portion to your food, a powerful way to fatten the body.

Eat with a portion of a lot is indeed a powerful way to fatten the body. But it doesn’t mean you can carelessly eat, it should still be noted the intake and nutritive value. The average calorie needs each day for a man is 2200 calories, while women 1900. For example you want to add weight as much as ½ a kilogram in a week’s time, you can increase the portion of eating the extra 1000 calories every day.

Recommended food is healthy food with carbohydrate content, protein, and high calorie, such as whole wheat bread, meat, beans, cheese, pure cow milk, avocado, potato, or peanut butter. Avoid always junk food, because this type of food contains lots of bad fats and cholesterol which is not good for your body.

Want fat it’s easy, often eating.

If you think adding a portion of the meal too heavy, because too much to eat or the fear of not exhausted, you can also do it with eating more often. If you usually eat 3 times a day, you can supplement it to 4-5 times. Great if you like to eat snacks, you can utilize your habits to gain weight. But of course eat healthy snacks and contain carbohydrates and high protein.

Want fat it's easy, often eating.

Eat regularly the key to all body building program.

Multiply the portion of meal indeed recommended to the program expanding waistlines, but that doesn’t mean can be done with random. The key to be successful is to eat regularly, not just in one or two times and that matters a lot. Eat morning, noon, afternoon, and night not to be missed. You have to do it regularly if you want to raise the weight quickly.

Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day.

Drinking water can be a thing, because every day you will definitely drink. But take a look again, how many glasses a day you drink water? Do you more often drink-the drink is tasteless or sparkling?

The water is very good to accelerate the body’s metabolism. If the metabolism of your body smoothly, then the incoming food will not be directly burned, but parsed first nutrition and nutritional to then get into the body.

Although drinking lots of water is good to fatten the body, but try to avoid drinking before a meal. For doing the diet, drinking water before a meal is indeed recommended, but is not very recommended for you who want to gain weight. Drinking water before meals can make the stomach feel full first, and ultimately it causes the portion of food is reduced.

Healthy sleep, healthy weight.

If you intend to add weight, you should be able to set up your mat. Always sleep on time and use the time to sleep healthy. Time healthy sleep is between 6-7 hours every night. Also, avoid sleep late and stay up late. Because functionally, the body also requires rest, and the evening is a good time to the body can rest after a busy day.

Healthy sleep, healthy weight.

Want to gaining weight and being sexy?

Just do exersice! Sports have uses that a lot for all sorts of programs body. In addition to burning fat, exercise can also accelerate the digestion and the metabolism of the body, as well as detoxification. Sweating out while exercising it is not only removing the minerals, but also fat and toxins that settles in the body.

For you who want to raise the weight, do exercise that not only burn fat, but also can increase the muscles. Some type of exercise that you can do which is swimming, cycling, gymnastics, brisk walking, jogging, or doing exercise intervals. Sports interval, or now better known by the term freeletic, is a series of physical exercises repeatedly and are interspersed with rest time.


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