10 “rules” to live by if you want to become more healthy


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When it comes to living healthy, consistency is key. If you do not want to feel lethargic and overweight, you simply have to stop being lazy.

To be clear.

It’s about creating a consistent lifestyle where we choose to promote healthy eating and movement in our everyday lives-instead of the other way around.

Getting more healthy goes for most people.

How to fix a consistent healthy lifestyle

Walk at least 10,000 steps every day

This is the golden rule of consistency. Ble steps correspond to about eight kilometers. Sounds a lot to some and maybe a little to others. Anyway: here are some tricks to succeed: Park a good distance away.

How to fix a consistent healthy lifestyle

  • Use the stairs (stairs are best – not least for Butts!)
  • Go out with the dog (if you do not have one, borrow one)
  • Have lunch box and you’ll have time to walk during half of lunch 2. Reduce (or eliminate) the sugar

Teach your body to be healthy – by being consistent. When you turn health into a habit, your body learns this and behaves accordingly. Staying away from sweets for a long period, your body will no longer crave them so much and when you eat them you will find that too much sugar tastes terrible! Try a piece of 80 percent dark chocolate if you are craving something sweet after dinner.  3. Eat breakfast-so your body learns more about hunger

Too many people have become accustomed not to have breakfast-which is so important.

By eating breakfast every day you will actually wake up hungry. It’s a good thing because it means that your body expects food and thus has already started your metabolism.

Sweat every day!

The cooling system of our body is amazing. We get rid of heat by sweating. Are you a consistent exerciser, your body will feel what is needed and will start cooling you down immediately. If your body, however, is not used to work, you will be overheated, because of the body’s experience of your consequence so far, that is, it believes that it does not need to sweat because it still never moves. This will change if you do something about it.

Remember: we’ll be good at what we train on. If we train to lie on the sofa cover, that’s what we get good at. Likewise with the run, however brave it feels at the beginning.

Eat clean, useful food (think long-term, not short-term)

Okay, sometimes we need short term goals because we like to compete with ourselves and to see – and feel – more drastic results. So things like a 10-day juicedetox, a month completely without carbohydrates or sugar do not have to be wrong. But. What you really need is a consistently more healthy diet that you can keep alive.

Think clean and healthy. Think as additive-free as possible, think organic, GMO-free, less sugar, less salt, less alcohol and no starch after 6 pm.

Be active during the day! (Keywords “ ” everyday exercise”)

An hour at the gym does not imply an active lifestyle. However, getting to the gym routinely is great and recommended. However, to say that it is enough to call your lifestyle “active” is not true, in any case not if it concerns people who for the rest of the day just sit still at their desk, sit in their car or lie in their sofa.

Consistency during the day will help you both to achieve better shape-and maintain it.

Have fun and do not take everything so seriously (think: 80-20 rule)

Consistency can be achieved by sticking to your healthy lifestyle 80 percent of the time. Everyone needs a day to relax from stress and pressure every now and then.

Remember: a single hard workout does not make you strong – and a day without weights don’t destroy everything. So don’t let those moments make you feel guilty – enjoy your life!

Enjoying is at least as important to your health as anything else, probably the most important.

Get better at resisting temptations-start today

A healthy meal doesn’t make you healthy and slim and an unhealthy meal also doesn’t make you fat. It is – again-consistency that brings this about. When people account for their friends or their PT for how they eat it usually sounds pretty healthy. At the same time, we complain that we do not lose weight. How is that connected? The answer is simple: most people fool themselves into eating more healthy than they do.

Remember: the choice of a salad for lunch two days ago will not bring you to your goal. What, however – will produce results-and, moreover, increase your ability to refrain from temptations – is to consistently choose better options. And do not wait until Monday, or until after the holidays, or until after the 50th birthday party of the friend Agneta-start now!

Drink water consistently throughout the day

Your body needs water whether you exercise or not. When training, it’s just extra important. If you do not get enough water in your body before training, you will also not get as much out of the passport.

Know: Blood provides oxygen to your muscles and brain. Blood consists of a large amount of water. If you do not have the fluid depots filled, it is more difficult for you to get oxygen where it is needed.

The rule is simple: the more you sweat, the more water you should drink. And drinking coffee or alcohol, you should also increase your daily water intake.

Sometimes swallow if you want – but let it be special

For example, it can mean that from time to time let a pizza slip down – but in moderate amounts.

Remember: if you train to be moderate, you will get better at it.

Being consistently moderate is probably the very biggest key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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